Modular Clean room puf panels (MCRP)

Modular Clean room puf panels (MCRP)

Modular Clean Room industry is constantly changing, becoming increasingly complex and demanding innovative answers to the contamination free environment. AIRCITY HVAC Equipment Pvt.Ltd. is Modular Clean room manufacturers in AHMEDABAD, GUJARAT (INDIA).
At AIRCITY HVAC Equipment Pvt.Ltd. the modular Clean Room system panels are manufactured with factory-controlled procedures incorporating design criteria for system performance following good engineering practices, taking into account cGMP guidelines required for specialty clean room environments. The result provides the specific demands of client’s environmental requirements within budgets and time schedules.
Aircity offering wide range of Modular Clean rooms for industries like Pharmaceuticals, Life science, Biotech, Hospitals, API, Chemical, Food Processing, Dairy and Electrical & Electronics. Which are predominantly dependent on accuracy in design as well as project executions. having state of art facility for Modular Clean room product manufacturing.


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